August 4, 2011

Inspiring first night at the MOPS convention

Max Lucado.... what an awesome night. We are so blessed to be here. God is so good, you are unique and God created you to be You...the mother He has made you.

Max Lucado (born January 11, 1955) is a best-selling author and writer and preacher at Oak Hills Church (formerly the Oak Hills Church of Christ) in San Antonio, Texas. Lucado has written more than 50 books with 65 million copies in print, including three recipients of the Charles "Kip" Jordon Gold Medallion Christian Book of the Year (Just Like Jesus, In the Grip of Grace, and When God Whispers Your Name),[1] and has appeared regularly on several bestseller lists.[2]  He co-pastors the church with one of Willow Creek's former teaching pastors, Randy Frazee.

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  1. Max spoke on John 8 The woman caught in adultery. Max was teaching us to let go of our guilt. As Christians, when God looks at our hear he sees the heart of Christ."woman where are your accusers".