October 29, 2013

15 things: Our Coordinator

This the the first post of our "15 things series" about your MOPS steering team members.  

First up is Mrs. Jamie Reed.  This year is Jamie's 3rd year on Steering Team.  She has been a MOPS member for a number of years and has served MOPS as Hospitality Leader as well as Co-coordinator since  the Fall of 2011.  Jamie is currently our Coordinator for MOPS of Taylor for 2013-2014 & 2014-2015.

Here are 15 random things about her written by her.

  1. My favorite beverage is Dr. Pepper.
  2. My favorite dessert is Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  3. My favorite fast food place is Taco Bueno.
  4. I'm kind of an introvert.
  5. If I were to get food from a concession stand it would be nachos.
  6. My workout of choice is Zumba.
  7. I have two girls, age 7 and age 3.
  8. My husband and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary on January 4th.
  9. I'm a Stay-at-home Mom who doesn't enjoy crafting, cooking or cleaning which frequently makes me feel I should be doing something else. :-/
  10. Movie I've seen the most times: "You've Got Mail" or "Sweet Home Alabama".
  11. Biggest Mommy fail: potty training!!!
  12. One of my favorite things about being a mom is when my girls come lay in bed with me after we've gotten up in the morning.
  13. I love the beach at night.
  14. I hate cockroaches.
  15. I don't understand how someone could listen to the radio and not sing along.
:) Jamie

Angela, one of our MOPPETS Leaders is up next in November, so stay tuned!!

October 3, 2013

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