August 7, 2011

Convention 2011...WOW

What an amazing time we (Jamie, Amy & I) had at convention!!! We laughed, cried, sang, prayed and learned so much! Thursday morning things started a little crazy racing around the airport, nearly missing the plane. But it all worked out, and then Saturday night (about 9:15pm) in the parking lot of the Austin airport we searched about thirty minute for the car. I wrote down the wrong aisle, C6 instead of C11, opps and we were at C11 space 6... Amy found it! Jamie and I were several aisles away as we hear "I found it" between the sounds of my loud wheels on my daughter's suitcase. (Just ask the Jamie and Amy they were LOUD!)
The speakers were wonderful and had many great ideas on marriage, leadership, child rearing, and the amazing grace of God who gives us a new heart and a new life in Christ.
Exciting News!!! Convention is supposed to be in Dallas, TX next summer!!! Woohoo that is great news, I hope several more MOPS steering team and MOPS mommies will be able to attend!

We are looking forward to a great year and a fun new theme!!!
Momsense= Bold, Loving & Sensible
God doesn't want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible.  2 Tim 1:7
Better Moms Make a Better World!!!

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